Putri McVicker - Founder


Building projects are exciting, sometimes life-changing investments, but often people don’t anticipate the huge time investment that they demand. From planning permission to doorknobs, there are a whole raft of details involved in every project. After seven years of managing a construction company and overseeing projects of all sizes, I founded Mae House Design to support people taking on projects in their own homes.

I help people through projects of all sizes, from full house refurbishments to a single stand-out one room. I can help clients through any stage of the process, whether they need support organising council planning submissions, construction drawings and tender preparations right at the beginning, or towards the end when all the heavy lifting has been done and the rooms are ready for dressing and decoration. My expertise is in spatial design, helping people make the most of the space they have in their homes and ensuring all household needs are met.

Having worked in the industry for many years, I know the best places to source for any budget – plus a fair few tips and tricks for eBay and finding hidden treasures. On top of that, I have a wealth of contacts from boutique suppliers, who can often offer trade discounts. 

Creating thoughtful and lovable spaces is my passion. If you’re looking for support for an upcoming project, I’d love to help you get the best from your home.